Partying, taking recreational drugs, drinking and having sex with women you don’t love now may satisfy your current needs, but another seven years from now you’re going to wake up and wonder where the woman who would make you breakfast, bare you children, take care of your most basic and primal needs, and hold you when everything falls apart is. She was right there in front if you in the moment when you weren’t intellectually present. If you’re concerned about being with someone who makes you miserable, don’t give up on the one person who continuously fought for you, who made you smile, who gave you butterflies, who made you crazy.

You were a young man who had a woman strong enough to be with you who was only weak when she was without you, saw far enough into the future she saw a life that included you, pointed out the best parts of you when you couldn’t see them yourself, was honest enough to tell you when you were being self indulgent and destructive, who loved you unconditionally and the worst part about all of that was she was the one.

Do not go looking for her when you come to find out she was exactly what you needed. She may not need you anymore because someone else does.

I was the one, so why wasn’t that enough? (via r3flex)